7 Ways to Kickstart a Healthy New Year

We are here to wish you a happy and healthy New Year! If you’re looking for some simple ways to be a little healthier this new year, look no further!  We are here to help you make small, realistic changes to reach your health goals this year!

Our Top 7 Tips to Healthy New Year

1. Use smaller plates and bowls

Instead of big dinner plates, choose a smaller option. This is a simple trick to use for controlling your portions at meal times.

2. Focus on foods you can add to your diet, not foods to eliminate

For instance, adding extra veggies to your meal while still enjoying the garlic bread you love! This way you get in some added fiber and nutrients while still enjoying the foods you love.

3. Practice mindful eating

Mindful eating means focusing on your food and how it tastes and smells. While also listening to your hunger cues. Turning off the tv and putting down electronic devices helps with practicing mindfulness! Make the time to enjoy your food rather than rushing through a meal.

4. Try to eat small, frequent meals throughout the day 

It can be easy to get into the groove and before you know it, it’s 4pm and you haven’t eaten a meal yet and you are HUNGRY! This may lead to overeating.  Smaller and more frequent meals help prevent overeating and help to get in more nutritious foods throughout the day.

5. Get a workout buddy

Having a workout partner helps to keep you accountable while getting into a new, healthy workout routine. Could be your partner, best friend, or your dog! Doesn’t matter as long as it gets you up and moving!

6. Little activity changes still add up

Try simple things like intentionally parking farther away, taking the stairs, or stretching, walking in place and doing lunges while watching tv.

7. Ditch Fad Diets 

Try the Mediterranean diet or the DASH diet instead of the trendy, fad diets. Both of these “diets” are similar and focus on a variety of foods & healthy behaviors surrounding food.

The Mediterranean diet focuses on including fruits, vegetables, lean proteins (fish, chicken, turkey, nuts), & whole grains while encouraging meals with others instead of eating alone or in front of the tv.

The Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) diet focuses on preventing high blood pressure and includes low sodium foods and foods that provide more key nutrients . The DASH diet also includes fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy, and lean proteins. 

Try adding some of these simple changes into your everyday routine for a healthier lifestyle this year!

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