Benefits of Walking

Physical activity can be hard. Especially when trying to juggle work and family life. You don’t have to go hit the gym everyday to receive many of the health benefits related to physical activity. Squeezing in just 10 minutes of physical activity a day still has shown to have many health benefits. Walking can be …

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Crossing the Finish Line

5K Training Plan: A 6-Week Guide for Beginners

Summer is a season for growth. So, step out and grow your legs with a challenge. It can be a family affair! ONIE’s annual Let’s Get Midwest City Moving 5K Walk/Run is coming up and with little more than 6 weeks to go, we have a training plan that will prepare you and your crew …

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20 Free Family Fun Physical Activities

You’ve made the decision that you want to be more active. Whether you are already active or just starting out. That’s great! Often, with a new goal, it can be hard to know where and how to start. Adding activity to your daily life may seem like a big task, but it can be rather …

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Mid-Del Schools Curriculum 2022

Hello Physical Education Teacher!     We truly appreciate your contribution to improving the health of your students by participating in the Let’s Get Moving (LGM) program. We are the Oklahoma Nutrition Information and Education (ONIE) Project based out of the Hudson College of Public Health at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. Since 2013, we …

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5 Tips for Staying Hydrated

Staying hydrated is a key element to our health. It enhances mood, energy levels, digestion, and so much more!  3 Benefits of Staying Hydrated  Staying hydrated does so much more for our bodies than we realize! ProductivityStaying hydrated is important for brain function. It keeps our brains sharp, alert and energized. Dehydration can lead to …

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Holiday lights

2021 Holiday Lights in Oklahoma

Need a way to be active this winter with the whole family? ONIE has you covered! Check out the list of spectacular holiday light shows in Oklahoma and find one near you.

Cup of Banana Berry Parfait

Healthy Workout Snacks

Let’s Get Midwest City Moving is this weekend and we want to help you prepare with ideas for workout snacks. Check out tips & recipes for nutritious workout snacks to fuel your body before & after exercise.

2021 MWC moving promotional image

Let’s Get MWC Moving!

Check this out to prepare for Let’s Get MWC Moving 5K Walk/Run. We’ve listed all the information about event location & dates, what to eat, wear, drink & some tips for navigating throughout this event.

boy waking up

The importance of sleep

Sleep is just as important as staying active and eating well. Learn how much sleep you need and tips for getting more!

Family playing in yard

How to stay active while social distancing

The COVID-19 pandemic means that many of us, adults and children included, are spending more time indoors because of social distancing. This might make it difficult to stay active. But regular exercise is essential for physical health and mental well-being. While getting exercise may be more difficult to do during this pandemic, it’s still possible – indoors or outside. Here are ways to safely increase our physical activity every day!