Top 5 Ways to Stay Active When it’s Cold Out

Staying active can seem almost impossible when the colder months hit. Not to worry, ONIE has some great tips and tricks for staying active in the fall and winter!

Take the Stairs

If you can, taking the stairs instead of the elevator can be an excellent way to get some extra movement and steps in your day.

Use Free Exercise Videos

Between YouTube, libraries, and Google searches, there are loads of free exercise videos available. These videos range from walking a mile in your living room to practicing strength and balance training through Thai Chi. Just search for whatever suits you or try out something new!

Utilize Lit Parks

Sometimes one of the biggest barriers to physical activity during the colder months is how early it gets dark, Make sure to look for well-lit parks that have hours that extend past sunset. Wear a flashing light or carry a small flashlight.

Make Time for Indoor Playtime with Your Family

Playing games like Simon Says, doing dances like the Cupid Shuffle or the Hokey Pokey, and generally moving around in the house can be a great way to get the kids active while having fun with the whole family.

Elderly Aerobics Exercise Class

Libraries and community centers can be a great place to find free exercise classes for both children and adults. Look at your community center or library events pages to find out what classes are being offered near you.

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