Relay Races for Kids

Physical activity is important for kids’ growth however weather conditions or finding an outdoor location can be difficult for kids to be active. Whether you are dealing with a rainy or sunny day, we’ve got you covered with some relay race ideas to get your kids moving anywhere. 

Indoor Relay Race 

Obstacle Course Relay: Create a mini obstacle course using pillows, cushions or toys and have kids take turns navigating the course in a certain amount of time. This game will bring out their competitive side while enhancing their agility and problem solving skills. 

Scavenger Hunt Relay: Organize a scavenger hunt with a list of items kids need to find indoors. Have them race against their peers to find certain objects. Once they find their object, they can tag the next player in line. This game enhances problem solving, critical thinking and observation skills. 

Outdoor Relay Race 

Egg Relay Race: Give each child a spoon and an egg (or plastic egg). Kids must balance the egg on their spoon while running a certain distance. If the egg fails, they have to start over, if they make it back without dropping the egg, the next player can begin. This game encourages focus, balance and teamwork. 

Water Balloon Relay: Give each child a water balloon. Kids must transport the water balloon without using their hands to the finish line and back. If the water balloon bursts they have to start over. If they make it back without bursting the balloon, the next player can begin. Whoever finishes first wins! This game encourages focus, coordination and teamwork. 

Rain or shine, these relay races are sure to keep kids moving, and engaged with others! Share your favorite relay race by a leaving a comment below.


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