Being Active with Your Dog

Need an exercise partner? Your canine companion might be the perfect workout buddy. Whether visiting a dog park, hitting the trails, or playing at home, we have listed some fun ways to be active with your furry friend. 

Hit the Trails 

Midwest city offers many parks with walking/running trails for you and your furry friend. Get some fresh air and enjoy the scenery while being active together. See the Midwest City, Take a Walk blog for locations of local parks that provide walking trails. 

Visit a dog park

Visiting a dog park is a great way to let your dog set their own pace when it comes to exercising. Most dog parks provide an enclosed area so that your dog can play off-leash. This gives your dog the opportunity to socialize and play. As the dog owner, you can initiate a game such as fetch to incorporate in the workout routine.This offers another opportunity for physical activity with your canine companion. 

Games at home

Playing with your pet at home is convenient and a fun way to be physically active. Below, you can find a list of games to play with your dog. 

Tug a war is fun for your dog and can even be an upper body workout for you. All you need is a sturdy tug-toy to engage in this game. It’s a win-win! 

Fetch is a great way to get your dog active. You can add in a light jog for some movement as your pet retrieves the object.

Frisbee is a great way to get your dog and the family involved. If your dog isn’t able to catch a frisbee, practice tossing it back and forth with a partner for some movement.

Let us know what activities you and your dog are doing in the comments below.


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