Produce Spotlight: Potatoes

The freshest potatoes in Oklahoma can be found from May to September, although there are many varieties available year round. These root vegetables are packed with vitamins such as Vitamin C, minerals such as Potassium and dietary fiber.

Choose potatoes that are firm, with no soft or dark spots or greenish color.

Potato Varieties

Russet potato: A healthy russet potato has light to medium brown colored skin and white to pale yellow colored flesh. 

Gold potato: A healthy gold potato has light to medium brown skin and a yellow colored flesh.

New potatoes: New potatoes are not fully grown potatoes, and tend to be smaller in size than the average. Healthy new potatoes can be in a variety of colors such as light brown, red, or pale yellow on the outside but are consistently white to pale yellow on the inside. 

How to store: 

Store potatoes in a perforated bag, in a cool, dark area of your kitchen for best use. Do not store closely with onions as the potatoes may cause them to spoil quickly. Don’t wash potatoes directly after purchasing! Wait until they are ready to be used before doing so. If they grow small sprouts/buds or have a few bruised spots, simply cut off before using. 

How to cook:

Did you know that potato skin is the most nutritious part of a potato? Keep the skin on for additional nutrients!

There are many ways to enjoy a potato. Eat potatoes in recipes that are hot or cold, as a soup or salad, pan seared or baked. Check out some of our favorites!


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