Health Department Regulations

Presented on February 11th, 2020 by: Scott Yates, ODAFF Food Safety & Phillip Jurina, OSDH Consumer Health Services.

Can I sell that? An overview of what licenses you need to sell items at a farmers market. Speakers are ODAFF Food Safety Division Director Scott Yates & Public Health Specialist Phillip Jurina from OSDH.

About speakers:

Scott Yates grew on a wheat and cattle farm near Blair, OK. After high school, he attended Oklahoma State University and graduated with a degree in Agricultural Education. Scott taught agriculture for almost 10 years in Kansas and Oklahoma. He began working for ODAFF Meat and Poultry Inspection in January of 2011 as a Meat and Poultry Inspector. In December of 2014, Scott was promoted to Coordinator of Meat and Poultry Inspection. In February 2019, Scott was appointed to be the Director of Food Safety at ODAFF.

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