Choose Homemade, a program by the ONIE Project, is excited to announce the launch of its summer media campaign aimed at increasing vegetable consumption at dinner for SNAP-eligible populations in Oklahoma. The summer campaign, ending July 17, will captivate audiences with its creative and nutritious approach, highlighting Choose Homemade recipes that feature vegetables in various ways, ranging from subtle to obvious. Packed with delicious flavors and nutritional value, these recipes are set to transform mealtime for families across the state.

At the heart of the campaign is the exhilarating Booster Seat Showdown, a Top-Chef-inspired game show featuring three remarkable Mighty Moms. These culinary masters will put their skills to the ultimate test as they prepare meals that will be scrutinized by the toughest critics of all—their own children. By showcasing the delectable possibilities of vegetable-packed meals, Choose Homemade aims to inspire and empower families to make healthier choices.

Check out the video to see who wins!

Choose Homemade understands the challenges faced by SNAP-eligible households and strives to make the healthy choice the easy choice. With hundreds of recipes to choose from, developed by ONIE Project staff dietitians, Choose Homemade ensures that meals are not only healthy and nutritious but also simple and budget-friendly. Through this campaign, the program aims to foster a love for vegetables among children and adults alike, promoting a balanced diet and overall well-being.

To maximize the campaign’s reach and impact, Choose Homemade invites local press and community partners to join hands in spreading the word. By sharing the campaign’s creative content on their social media channels and websites, partners can play a crucial role in empowering families to embrace vegetable-rich meals. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of Oklahoma’s SNAP-eligible populations.

The summer media campaign will primarily be digital, leveraging the power of social media and online platforms to reach a wide audience. Choose Homemade encourages everyone to stay tuned for exciting updates, engaging content, and mouthwatering recipes that will transform the way families view vegetables.

About Choose Homemade and the ONIE Project:

Choose Homemade, a program by the ONIE (Oklahoma Nutrition Information and Education) Project, is dedicated to promoting healthy eating habits among low-income families in Oklahoma. By providing a wide array of recipes that are nutritious, tasty, simple, and affordable, Choose Homemade aims to empower families to make healthier choices. The ONIE Project is a nonprofit organization committed to improving the health and well-being of Oklahomans through nutrition education and access to healthy resources.