Langston Tools & Partnerships for New Farmers Workshop

This workshop presented by Langston University features 5 unique sessions providing bountiful info to emerging growers & producers.

Opening Remarks (15 minutes) – Dean Wesley Whittaker

Tracey Payton-Miller
Title: Horticulture Facility, Horticulture Programming

Description: Introducing the new Horticulture Facility under construction and Horticulture Programming this year. Tips for preparing for pest prevention this coming growing season.

Joshua Ringer
Title: Langston University Small Farms Extension and Outreach
Description: Explanation of tools, programming, and partnerships for new and beginning farmers, backyard gardeners, and food producers throughout the state.

Micah Anderson
Title: Getting Started for the year & Vegetable Production Course in Boley, OK
Description: Selecting Seeds, preparing ground, and planning for a bountiful harvest.

James Arati & Joshua Davis
Title: Making best use of Heir Properties
Description: Resources and tools for making productive use of Heir properties.

Joshua Ringer & Jeremiah Wilson
Title: Opportunities for Students and Internships
Description: Ideas and opportunities for engaging students in your farming operation, community garden, or school.


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