Physical Activity for Seniors

Regular activity can help improve your strength, balance, memory, and overall quality of life at any age. As you age, there are some variations that should be taken to avoid injury. It is important to speak to a doctor to make sure you find physical activities that are safe and enjoyable for you. You may need to modify some movements to fit your abilities, so here are a few simple changes to some classic activities.

Chair Squats: Place a chair against a wall for added support. Slowly sit down then stand up. It may seem simple, but do it slowly and you will be using your legs and core muscles. 

Chair Squats

Wall Push-ups: Place your palms flat against a wall. Plant your feet on the ground, keep your back straight, and slowly bend your arms. Try to bend your arms so your elbows come right next to your sides. Push your arms back straight, leaving a slight bend in your elbows. 

Wall Push-ups

Shoulder Raises: Sit on a chair with a weight in each hand. (You can also use canned food if you do not own weights). Start with your arms down and resting at your sides. Slowly raise your arms up to shoulder height, making sure your neck and shoulders remain relaxed, then slowly bring your arms back down to your sides.  

Shoulder Raises

Seated Knee Lifts: While sitting on a chair, slowly bend your knees towards your chest until your thigh touches your abs. Slowly bring your legs back down. 

Seated Knee Lifts

Heel Raises: Stand up straight and hold onto a sturdy chair or countertop for balance. Slowly stand up on your toes and bring your heels back to the ground. 

Heel Raises

Aim for 3-5 sets of 10-15 repetitions. 

There are many other ways to get active outdoors, such as going for a walk around the neighborhood or going got a swim. These are great movements to do in the morning while watching T.V. or before bed. 


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