Let’s Get MWC Moving!

The 2021 Let’s Get Midwest City (MWC) Moving 5K Walk/Run is returning in-person at Joe B. Barnes Park in a hybrid style event! The ONIE Project held the first Let’s Get Moving event in Midwest City in 2013 & has since hosted over 14 walk/runs there! This year, the event will take place on October 24, 2021 with the course open from 11:00am – 4:00pm to complete at your own pace. The start/finish line & photo booth will be set-up in the parking lot of the Reno Swim & Slide Pool located at 101 S. Douglas Blvd, Midwest City, OK, 73130.

To register for the event, click here: 2021 Let’s Get MWC Moving Registration

Check out our information & tips to help you prepare! 

Is this a timed race?

Let’s Get MWC Moving Walk/Run is a complete not compete 5K event. The goal is to have fun & be active! After the 5K, wear your Finishers medal proudly—you have beaten the thousands of people who are spending their Sunday on the couch. 

How can I include my “kiddos” in this hybrid event? 

This is a family event & we hope there will be lots of kiddos participating. Some past participants have mentioned that children 5 to 6 years old may be too big to carry or ride in a stroller, yet find it too far to walk. One way to resolve this issue is to bring along a wagon (most any wagon will do). Young children can take periodic breaks & several children can fit in one wagon, check the weight limit for safety. The chosen courses are stroller & wagon friendly. There are also natural stopping points & playgrounds for play breaks!

To keep kids happy along the way, it’s always fun to play “I Spy” or ask them to look for birds or squirrels along the path. Making a music playlist of your family’s favorite songs can also help! 

How do I stay up-to-date with race information?

Be sure to like & follow the Let’s Get MWC Moving Facebook page for updates on the 5K. You can also find more information on our ONIE Project website

Once you register for the 5K, you will have the option to receive 2-3 text message updates per week from ONIE. 

What should I eat before the 5K?

The key is to avoid heavy food. Bagels, bananas & peanut butter are good choices. A favorite of ONIE’s is peanut butter & jelly sandwiches on whole wheat bread! These foods give you energy that will last throughout the whole walk/run. Foods like cheeseburgers, pizzas & fried foods can give you a stomach ache when you are active.

What do I drink?

Drinking water & staying hydrated are an important part of preparing for & completing a 5K. Drink plenty of water before, during & after physical activity to replenish fluids lost from sweating. You can even add fresh fruits, veggies & herbs for flavor. This year, self-serve water stops will be available throughout the course. 

What should I wear?

We encourage everyone to wear their MWC Moving shirt and/or dress-up in festive fall outfits. Race shirts are first come, first serve & will be available at our drive-through packet pick-up. We will post updates about the weather closer to the 5K through social media & text messages for more specific clothing recommendations. As always, make sure to check the weather report before starting the 5K.

The last & best tip!

It is all about having fun & spending time with your friends, family & community. Remember to take lots of family pictures while training & after you complete the 5K. We’d love to see your journey! Post the pictures using #MWCMoving to show how your family has been active & share your successes! 

Let’s Get Moving!

4 responses to “Let’s Get MWC Moving!

  1. So being new to the area and first timer to this race, where is the packet pick up and when? That information is not clear in your narrative.

  2. Hello, drive-thru packet pick-up will be on Friday, October 22nd and Saturday, October 23rd at the Nick Harroz Community Center.

    Friday, October 22: 2:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.
    Saturday, October 23: 8:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

    You can find more info here: https://onieproject.org/lets-get-moving/
    See you this Sunday!!!


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