Healthy Halloween Treats

Halloween will be here soon and with it lots of candy. Trying to steer clear of Halloween candy may be difficult but stocking your house with lots of festive treats that aren’t as sugary will let you celebrate the holiday while curbing your sweet tooth. 

One way to do this is to start dressing up your daily fruit. Below are some ideas for homemade Halloween treats. These are fun to do with your kids and fun to show off to your guests at a Halloween themed party. 

Here are some simple tips to not overdo the candy:

  • Combine carbohydrates and proteins together in snacks and meals to keep you full before going out trick-or-treating 
  • Get creative with fruit by adding peanut butter or eating it with a cheese stick
  • Buy candy in bite-sized pieces 

Try these easy, healthy and fun treats that the family can make together to get ready for this holiday!

A Candy Corn Parfait is a sweet and festive breakfast or snack for Halloween or any time of the year! All you need for this treat are oranges or clementines, pineapples, and non-fat vanilla Greek yogurt. 

Healthy Spider Munch is a fresh, creepy-crawly snack that kids will love to make and munch!

Peanut Butter Spiders are another spooky snack that is fun to make and keep the sweet tooth at bay. 

Cheesy Witches Broomsticks are a really easy and fun party favorite that goes great with a piece of fruit.

Make clementines into fun jack-o-lanterns with the help of a permanent marker. These make sweet snacks to-go!


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