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The mission behind Choose Homemade is simple: to inform, inspire, & educate Oklahomans on home meal preparation & to develop resources for healthy living for those with limited financial resources to make healthier eating choices.

ONIE has been making health easy with the Choose Homemade campaign since 2017. The Choose Homemade campaign encourages Oklahoma families to cook at home with simple, easy & healthy recipes the whole family will love! Over the years, this campaign has been improved and updated based on continuing research & feedback from Oklahoma families. In 2019, Choose Homemade was refreshed to & relaunched based on this feedback.

Why Choose Homemade?

  • Cooking from home lets you know what is in your food & what you are serving your family.
  • Choosing homemade allows you to choose healthier ingredients like whole-wheat grains, low-fat dairy, lean proteins & more veggies & fruit.
  • Making meals at home makes it easy to make simple ingredient swap to ones your family loves!

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  1. Interested in recipes for patient education for the Baptist Free Clinic in Muskogee Oklahoma


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