Campaign – Choose Less Salt

Choose Less Salt

ONIE makes healthy easier with tips on how to help you and your family Choose Less Salt. 

Choose Less Salt Tip #1

1 for 1

Help keep you and your families salt intake lower by using ONIE’s Match 1 for 1 tool. Just match your sodium and calories and choose foods that have no more than 1mg of sodium for 1 calorie. Everything you need to know is on the nutrition label and it only takes a second to make the decision. 

Choose Less Salt Tip #2

Rinsing vegetables

Another ONIE tip to help your family Choose Less Salt is draining and rinsing canned vegetables. Before heating, simply drain and then rinse the beans, vegetables, or other canned food. Draining and rinsing cuts the sodium by up to 40%.

Choose Less Salt Tip #3

Salty 6

There are six common foods that add much of the excess sodium to your diet. You might not guess them because many do not taste salty. The Salty Six include breads, cold cuts and cured meats, pizza, poultry, soup, and sandwiches.Cut back on these salty six, and choose more frozen veggies and homemade meals.

Why Choose Less Salt? 

A teaspoon of salt contains about 2300mg of sodium. Sodium, when consumed in excess, can be harmful to our health. The American Heart Association recommends that most Americans consume 2300mg or less of sodium each day. On average, we consume about 3400mg of sodium each day, which is 150% more than the recommended amount2. Make a healthy family choice. Choose less salt.  

Does it seem too hard to cut salt from your diet? No worries. Small changes add up over time. Reducing your salt intake salt by about ¼ teaspoon each day, or about 400mg of sodium, leads to important changes in your health. Choosing a simple change in our diet, like eating more frozen veggies, draining and rinsing canned veggies and matching nutrition labels 1 for 1 are all healthy choices to help reduce your family’s salt intake.


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