20 Free Family Fun Physical Activities

You’ve made the decision that you want to be more active. Whether you are already active or just starting out. That’s great! Often, with a new goal, it can be hard to know where and how to start. Adding activity to your daily life may seem like a big task, but it can be rather easy. Here are some ways that you can be more active without having to make BIG changes.

  1. Take family walks
  2. Play tag with your children
  3. Walk the family pet 
  4. Always take the stairs 
  5. Park farther away and walk when running errands
  6. Splitting up yard work between multiple days and involving the whole family 
  7. Have a family dance party
  8. Take a walk around a museum 
  9. Plant a garden
  10. Master the hula hoop 
  11. Ride bicycles
  12. Chip in with the chores 
  13. Wash the car at home 
  14. Make a chalk obstacle course
  15. Play hide and seek 
  16. Walk to the children to school
  17.  Take a hike or “nature” walk
  18. Limit screen time 
  19.  Play catch or throw a frisbee 
  20. Hold a weekly active family game night


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