10 Activities to Keep Your Family Active

ONIE has brainstormed a few fun activities for you and your family that are fun whatever the weather brings! Watch the crazy Oklahoma weather and plan ahead for those warmer days with our family-friendly indoor and outdoor activities. Fill the days where it’s too hot to leave the house with some of our indoor suggestions!  

The simplest indoor games can get your heart rate moving! 

  • Have a dance-off. Put on your favorite tunes and have a challenge for the best choreographed or freestyle dance.
  • Go on a scavenger hunt. Make a list of items to find inside and see who can find them the quickest!
  • Play hide-and-seek.  
  • Indoor volleyball. Blow up a few balloons and set up a mini-court. Toss the balloons around and keep score!
  • Hopping race contest. Hop down the hall or from one end of a room to another. Try a skipping race, it’ll also get your pulse going! 

Take advantage of the great outdoors on the rare cooler days!

  • Play outdoor tag. Even more fitting, play “freeze” tag!
  • Go on a nature walk. Take a tour outside in your backyard or on a walking trail. 
  • Play 500. Toss a baseball in the air and the first person to catch the ball before it hits the ground, earns 100 points. If caught after touching the ground, it’s worth 25 to 50 points. Add up until someone earns 500 points.
  • Visit a nearby park. Bring a Frisbee or ball to toss around. Stop at the playground to burn off extra energy or take a bike ride on the paths!
  • Play hopscotch or four-square. Draw out a few games on the sidewalk with chalk and then let the kids make their own games!


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